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My Park Ave Skin Journey

My Journey to Park Ave Skin Solutions started with one visit that turned into a place where I felt welcomed into an environment that created a balanced and holistic approach to anti-aging and beauty. 

Park Ave Skin Solutions is located on Manhattan’s Tribeca and works miracles on the skin. I mean miracles….

I instantly became obsessed with their humanistic approach and devotion to their clients. Lauren Abramowitz, PA-C, a native New Yorker, is widely recognized for her cutting-edge work in cosmetic dermatology. When I first met Lauren, it was clear her primary focus is on her patients goals, not only externally but internally.

Lauren focuses on balance, healing and positive thinking. During my first appointment, we focused on my short- and long- term goals creating a timeline that was achievable. One of the biggest concerns in facial treatments is safety, mindfulness and moderation. Lauren ensures the highest regard for these three words we often hear the most in cosmetic dermatology. She guides her patients in achieving their personal goals in a healthy and natural way. She deeply cares about each of her patients, treating each case differently and focusing on the aesthetics of the skin rather than being extremely technical. Her artistry makes her stand out because of the way that she focuses on healing the skin and creating a natural glowing appearance. 

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