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Mylan 2 Arm Sofa - Cara Woodhouse

Mylan 2 Arm Sofa

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Mylan boasts a sleek, modern design that effortlessly blends Art Deco and Japandi influences. The sofa features arched arms with intricate wood and leather (upcycled) insets that pay homage to the bold geometric shapes and glamorous finishes of the Art Deco era. Meanwhile, the sofa’s overall aesthetic is softened by its clean lines and minimalistic silhouette, which draws inspiration from the calming simplicity of Japandi interiors.

The sofa’s base is a beautiful round-edged wood platform that anchors the piece and adds a touch of warmth and natural texture to the overall design. The upholstery is shown in a soft, neutral fabric that enhances the sofa’s contemporary yet inviting feel.