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Cult Side Table - CARA WOODHOUSE

Cult Side Table

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Cult stool/ side table; a hand sculpted stone from a Mexican marble and Mexican onyx conglomerate, remits to primal sculptural-architectural language while displaying materials in a modernist manner. The piece allows for the specificity of the material’s eccentric pattern formations to rein over its final appearance. Each edition; a unique piece.

Working with rocks that are endemic to Mexico contextualizes the work at a geological level. Situating the pieces in a continuing and evolving historical narrative. Like taking part in an archeological exploration, working with native stones reveal a heritage of meticulous craftsmanship developed under the possibilities and limitations of local materials.
When sculpting stone, you only get one chance to get things right. As each rock is different one must tailor form onto the material, in the way of discovering what each piece hides.