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Grand Reef Table Lamp - Cara Woodhouse
Grand Reef Table Lamp - Cara Woodhouse

Grand Reef Table Lamp

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“The sculptor doesn’t try to translate his thought into marble: he thinks in marble, directly, as if everything were already marble,” wrote André Gide. His words perfectly sum up Jacopo Simonetti’s work and style. The young designer has created a lightweight yet eternal lamp, vibrant and bright yet porous. He thought in marble, like someone who has long known and worked with this exquisite material, drawing inspiration from the gentle, sinuous lines of coral reefs. Marble and coral, both of them exquisite and delicate, elegant and natural materials. The result is a lamp whose light pairs with the uniqueness of marble to recreate the allure of the marine world for a cosy, exclusive ambience.

Designed by: Jacopo Simonetti