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Wet Clay, Long - Cara Woodhouse
Wet Clay, Long - Cara Woodhouse

Wet Clay, Long

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Using land, organic materials and metals Bradley Duncan constructs sculptures and site-specific environments evoking universal ideals of order, balance and form. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Duncan works within the minimalist tradition, emphasizing simplified geometric form.  His sculptures reference modern and ancient architecture, working with space, both solid and void ,drawing attention to shadow through light.  Time casts upon sculptures throughout the day. Shades of repetition appear and disappear, awareness to rotation.  His process realized through the integration of art, design and landscape results in a strong refined expression.  Duncan’s primary interest is in the spatial dialogue between organic and built environments—between natural order and the order that we apply to it. In addition to his formal education in sculpture, the Los Angeles artist draws influence from the aesthetic craftsmanship of the Shaker community in his home state of Ohio, as well as the native plants and geological formations of his current state of residence in California.a